How to overcome creative block

One day you might sit on your working space, getting ready for your next project, and suddenly you can't think of anything. That's a creative block.⁣

Creative block is a common thing faced by many people whose working in creative sector, whether you are an artist, crafter, creator, writer, etc. Here is a few tips on how to deal with it.⁣

1. Take a walk around⁣
Walking around your neighborhood, might give you new inspiration. You might want to take unusual route and paying attention to your surrounding. Interesting objects or happenings could appear and be your source of inspiration.⁣

2. Take a break and do some sports ⁣
Maybe your mind is too busy and tired, you mind is not in a perfect condition to think of a new ideas when the creative block came. You might want to take a short break and do some sports to help your mind relax. It will help you to get fresh ideas. ⁣

3. Enjoying noise⁣
Sometimes we need to appreciate noises around us and turn it into ideas. Paying attentions to noise, conversations, sound of clinking tableware orboiling water, which might give you new inspiration.⁣

4. Getting out of your comfort zone⁣
Sometimes we are very used to our way of thinking, our way of work. It limits our creativity to grow. When we are getting ourself out of the comfort zone, we will be able to see from different perspective which we might never imagine before. It will lead us to new ideas and inspirations.⁣

Hope these tips will help and encourage you to overcome creative block!⁣

Keep creating and have a wonderful week!⁣


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