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Bulk Order

If you are starting your own accessories brand, and need quality products that are handmade, handstitched to perfection, or machine made. you can place a bulk order with us.

At WF Leathercraft Leather, we work very hard to make the custom piece to fit your exact order and desire. Just to make sure you we have your intended design, if at any point, you need to reach out to us, please feel free to do so at WhatsappFacebook Instagram and we can communicate any details you might have regarding each of these custom designs.

  • Contact us at WhatsappFacebook Instagram and let us know the leather creation that’s on your mind.
  • We will make sure your order it’s very clear in our minds and then we will give you an estimate for the cost of the job.

  • Shipping is exclusive of the estimate given once a custom order is placed.
  • Since custom orders are tailored to your needs, an advance payment (of 50%) is collected at the time of placing/confirming your order. If you are placing a bulk order with us, we will need to collect remaining funds before we dispatch your order. We can also provide you with the option to pay Cash on Delivery if the amount is less than 10,000.
  • Please note that if you place an order with us and we need to get the leather made on demand from the manufacturer (tannery), the lead time will start after we have received the leather. Since we cannot control the production rate of a supplier, your understanding is appreciated in the matter.
  • By placing your order you agree to following terms: After you place a Bulk order and pay advance, if for any reason you change your mind, the advance paid amount will not be refunded, as we have already bought raw materials, started working on the final product. Thanks for your understanding.

Once you place an order, you agree to above terms and conditions.

Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have any further concerns and questions.