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The Process


First step is to source a hide of the highest quality from all over Pakistan. We believes in purity therefore it has made strong relations with the best leather suppliers of Pakistan to purchase pure leather. 


Once the leather is delivered to us, our craftsman choose the best sections of the hide to cut the leather into pieces, to fit the pattern. Those patterns are drawn in CorelDraw for maximum accuracy to make our products appealing to the customers. Moreover, we offer our customers with customized designs as well. Once the leather is cut into pieces to fit the pattern, it is glued together with imported glue, for everlasting durability.


Once the pieces are pasted together with glue, we hand-stitch the pieces. WF Leathercraft specializes in hand stitching; also called Saddle Stitching. In Saddle Stitching, we use two needles to make a loop of stitches by threads which involves pushing both the ends of thread from one hole. Saddle Stitching is more stronger & durable than traditional style machine stitching. 


Once the had-stitching is finished, edges are burnished for a smoother look and feel. Polishing is the final step in manufacturing process of our products. We use special colored polishes to give our products a refined look.